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Complete your holiday to discover the itineraries that will make you fully live this warm earth among the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, the tastes and flavors of the Sardinian cuisine, most fascinating archaeological sites, let yourself be conquered by a scenic cruise boat in the marina protected by Tavolara and Molara or in the beautiful waters of the National Park of the archipelago of La Maddalena. Marine protected areas unique also for diving and snorkeling.
In the evening get involved by the fascinated nightlife of open air discos, the lively San Teodoro and the exclusive Costa Smeralda with its renowned Clubs.



An unforgettable day of navigation through the National Park of the archipelago of La Maddalena. Lovely day, in a succession of beautiful landscapes where you can see the rocks sculpted by the wind and shaped by the water from the curious and varied forms, small sandy coves, the incredible transparency of the natural waters and the rich depths of one of the archipelagos of the most beautiful in the world. We will sail along some of the islands of the archipelago including 7 major: La Maddalena, Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli, Santa Maria, Caprera and Santo Stefano, all with scenarios worthy of a postcard. We will drop the anchor and we will arrive for a refreshing swim in the clear waters or why not, for a pleasant walk to the discovery of the island, walk the perfumed trails by the lush Mediterranean maquis and reach the most scenic spots that overlook the scenery ... breathtaking!! ! We will stop in waters of crystal clear sea lulled by the rocking of the sea, in natural harbour in front of small bays with white sand, framed by pink granite rocks and evergreen vegetation. Lunch on board well-finished and served by the crew. We will moor in the harbor to the discovery of the Isola Madre from the National Park: La Maddalena, where you will enjoy free time to spend on the visit, shopping and relaxation in the old town of the most vibrant and elegant of Northern Sardinia. Return to the port of embarkation, then transfer and arrival in the evening.





Through a road of exceptional panoramic views on the East coast and reach Porto Rotondo, one of the most distinctive and popular holiday centers in Sardinia with a special architectural design by the Venetian Count Luigi Donà delle Rose. Guided tour of the village, the port and the particular Church of San Lorenzo, a true work of art, then continue by bus to Porto Cervo, parlor of the legendary Costa Smeralda, where the unique style is immediately recognizable: inserted between the Mediterranean maquis, the granitic rocks and the small sandy coves, appear the prestigious luxury hotels of high architectural value and among the most exclusive in the world, rigorously facing opposite to the colors of emerald waters. A succession of transparencies bays unforgettable, real works of art of nature: cliffs, red granites and beaches of extraordinary beauty. Guided tour of the small village and free time. Lunch in the restaurant. Afternoon drive to Baia Sardinia, lovely location overlooking a beautiful bay. Free time for shopping or bathing at the free and equipped beach. On the return, pass to San Pantaleo, a typical Gallura village whose core retains homes and characteristic buildings, simple but nice, entirely built of granite, in harmony with the rugged spiers of its surrounding mountains. Return in the late afternoon.





Departure by boat from the port of Ottiolu and cruising to the Marine Protected Area (MPA) of Tavolara, "the pools of Molara" and Capo Coda Cavallo.
You will be fascinated by the colors and transparencies of the famous "pools of Molara" in front of the island of the same name and from the view of imposing Tavolara Island, also known for being the "smallest Kingdom in the World."
We will sail along the Island - Montagna that, well 560 meters high and from the rugged cliffs overlooking the sea, will offer you a vision quite charming and exciting!
We will stop on the island for a break of about one hour to be spent in total freedom and that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful bays shaped by the slow work of the wind and the sea. You can linger at the beach, swim, visit the ancient royal cemetery or take the little pathways perfumed by the Mediterranean maquis, of which the island is rich. Lunch on board prepared and served by the crew.
Tavolara left, we will continue the navigation to the coast to anchor in the bay in front of one of the many coves, then continuation for an enchanting panorama to admire and photograph the picturesque bay of Capo Coda Cavallo and the beautiful Cala Brandinchi better known as "the little Tahiti", from the bottom incredibly crystalline. Return to Ottiolu Harbour in the late afternoon. 




Mamoiada, Orgosolo e il Monte Ortobene

Verso il cuore della Barbagia pastorale; la prima tappa sarà il paese di Mamoiada, che deve la sua fama al Carnevale dei MAMUTHONES, misteriosi personaggi antropomorfi dalle arcaiche e mostruose maschere lignee, vestiti di pelli e campanacci. Visita del Museo delle Maschere Mediterranee.
Continuazione verso il Supramonte, vasto territorio caratterizzato dalle centenarie foreste di leccio utilizzate a pascolo brado, ed arrivo ad Orgosolo, specchio della realtà sociale della Barbagia, visita guidata del centro storico con i caratteristici “Murales”: affreschi murali, vere e proprie opere d’arte dalle spiccate denunce politico-socio-culturali. Pranzo tipico in campagna dove gli ospitali pastori ci accoglieranno per gustare i piatti tradizionali simbolo della gastronomia agro-pastorale in un ambiente di festa e ospitalità.
Nel pomeriggio, proseguimento per Il Monte Ortobene, situato a 955 Mt s.l.m., ricco di rigogliosa vegetazione e sulla cui cima si erge la considerevole statua bronzea del Cristo Redentore, eretta nel 1901 in occasione della celebrazione del Giubileo, anno in cui vennero innalzati monumenti a Gesù Redentore in 20 regioni d’Italia. Proseguimento per sosta e visita della chiesetta della Solitudine, al cui interno sono conservate in un grande sarcofago, le spoglie della scrittrice Grazia Deledda (Premio Nobel per la letteratura nel 1926), che alla chiesa dedicò anche un suo romanzo. Rientro in Hotel in serata.




Off-road excursion to know and appreciate the wild surroundings of the region, characterized by the contrast between long white beaches and rugged granite mountains of panoramic which guard the local villages set in the lush vegetation, rich in flora and fauna.
Morning departure by jeep to the tourist center of San Teodoro, stop at the beach "La Cinta" from the name of an ancient fishing technique, to appreciate the uniqueness of white sand, the intense color and crystal clear emerald sea and the precious tin that houses the various species of birds protected, the elegant pink flamingos.
Continuation to the wild and granite "Monte Nieddu" and climb up to a great vantage point for a photo stop, a glance incomparable and breathtaking to the imposing Tavolara Island and the coast from the changing transparency of the sea, from turquoise to deep blue, in a mountainous lush forests, perfumed Mediterranean maquis and jagged rocks.
Continuing off-road, towards the valley to get to a typical construction of the region, "Stazzu Pitrisconi", hence short walk to the famous "waterfalls", waterfalls of fresh water forming a canyon of great natural value, on the return there will wait for you an inviting typical aperitif. Back on board the jeep to reach the typical restaurant for a tasty lunch of cold cuts, cheeses and roasted meat.
In the afternoon, the tour continues through the internal streets of some fraction of the country of Budoni among rolling hills and pastures, to finish, enhanced by a nice stop in one of the many beaches of the coast to the border between the low Gallura and high Barony. Walk in the lush pine forest or refreshing bath. Step in Budoni for a short stop with free time and return to the hotel in the late afternoon.



TRENINO VERDE in “ Gallura “

"Tour unusual for those who wish to discover more about Sardinia and its peculiarities of continuous mutants from one territory to other.
The Gallura, in the North of the Island, has an incomparable land and always surprising due to the morphology of the mountains, the forests of cork and landscapes characterized by the recurring presence of granitic rock, true geological symbol and landscape of this area. Always present also in the human work: prehistoric monuments or newer, churches and homes are in fact built with this rock. "

Departing to cross one of the most fascinating landscapes of the Gallura. Leaving the coast, the rail route of this special line clambers the mountains along the scenic Lago Liscia, which insinuates like a fjord between rolling hills and green pastures. Short photo stop, then continuation up to Tempio Pausania, historic capital of Gallura. Visit the train station, an interesting example of industrial liberty of the early twentieth century and that holds within several paintings by G. Biasi, among the largest Sardinian artists of the last century; city tour to appreciate the historical center made entirely of gray granite, which makes it at the same time austere and elegant.
Of great importance is the religious complex including the Cathedral of St. Peter and the Speakers of the Holy Cross and the Rosary. Traditional lunch in a restaurant.
After lunch continuation to "Calangianus", country symbol of extraction and processing of cork, with the most important Italian central, here we will visit a laboratory, to follow some interesting phases of the transformation of the precious bark. Return by bus and arrival in the evening.




Arrival in Palau and visit the Military Fortress of Monte Altura, one of the most interesting of the many forts Nineteenth Century defense of the Strait of Bonifacio and the port of La Maddalena.
Entirely built with the granite of Mount namesake in just two years (1887-1889) from the local workforce and the skill of stonemasons specialized Liguria and Tuscany, is the only usable fortress of the Sardinian coast.
Boarding the ferry and arrival after about 20 min at La Maddalena, the largest island of the archipelago that is part of a protected marine area and terrestrial of international interest. The town of La Maddalena, dating back to the eighteenth century, is located in the south of the island of the same name and facing to Palau. Leisure and city tour arround the narrow streets and the characteristics squares of the lively old town centre. Lunch in the restaurant and in the afternoon tour of the island through the scenic route of about 20 km. To observe and photograph breathtaking views!
Stop at the beach for bathing or coffee, then boarding to Palau and return in the evening.

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